Chronic Dizziness – Finding Relief Naturally

Chronic dizziness is a major symptom of Ménière’s disease, a progressive illness that damages a person’s hearing components, including a person’s inner ear. This in turn will affect his or her balance as well as being a catalyst for hearing loss, tinnitus, vomiting, nausea, and vertigo. Learn more here about vertigo.

The most common treatment given to patients with these symptoms are medications like benzodiazepines, antiemetic, and vestibular suppressants. However, these types of medications will often have side effects that may disrupt the activities and lifestyles of the patient. Many people who have vertigo will look for alternatives with limited side effects. For this purpose, acupuncture can be a viable alternative treatment for people who are looking for a long-term solution for their condition.

Alleviating the symptoms of Vertigo via acupuncture

Several studies conducted by the Research Ethical Committee of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated to Capital Medical University in 2011 have demonstrated positive results when acupuncture is used to alleviate the symptoms of chronic dizziness. The studies also suggested that patients can benefit more if the treatment is enhanced through electroacupuncture.

According to the studies, acupuncture may offer an immediate reduction in discomfort, as well as decreased dizziness and vertigo. In fact, stimulating the nervous system will release neurochemicals which can then influence the body’s homeostatic mechanism. This natural neurochemical is responsible for promoting emotional and physical well-being.

The acupuncture community believe that acupuncture may stimulate certain areas of our brain that are known to reduce sensitivity or inhibit stress and pain. So, depending on the methods used by a licensed practitioner, this natural therapy may be able to help improve the vertebral-basilar artery and lessen the effects of vertigo.

Lastly, acupuncture may be able to reduce inflammation and increase local microcirculation in the inner ear, which can lessen the swelling of arteries in that area that often cause vertigo.

Thing you need to know first before undergoing an acupuncture treatment

It is important to ensure that your acupuncture treatment is being administered by an experienced and licensed practitioner. A qualified acupuncturist can provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan based on your condition. It may take several sessions before you see positive results, so be sure to discuss the frequency and number of sessions recommended by your local practitioner. If these recommendations match your expectations, the soothing and relaxing acupuncture treatments are likely to benefit you in many ways.

Chronic Dizziness – Finding Relief Naturally