A Natural Remedy for Vertigo

Vertigo and dizziness are considered major symptoms of Ménière’s disease, which is chronic progressive disease known to damage the hearing parts of the inner ear which then affects balance. This often leads to tinnitus, hearing loss, nausea, vomiting, and vertigo. Pharmacological therapy is often prescribed to patients with these symptoms, including anti-emetic, benzodiazepines, and vestibular suppressants.

However, these medications have unavoidable side-effects that can sometimes disrupt normal activities of the patient. So, many people who have this condition are looking for alternatives that are more effective and safer than medications.

How acupuncture can help

Several research articles provide evidence of acupuncture as a viable alternative treatment for vertigo. Patients with vertigo can benefit from combined therapy of acupoint injection and electroacupuncture since it can relieve or eliminate vertigo symptoms, with no known adverse effects.

Studies also conclusively demonstrate that the application of acupuncture to various acupoints within our body can result in an immediate reduction in discomfort and improvement of vertigo and dizziness.

In addition, a non-randomised study has suggested that penetrating needling on head points could effectively relieve cervical vertigo. This treatment can also reduce the frequency of the symptoms associated with Ménière’s disease.

Acupuncture can stimulate the nervous system and can release neurochemical messenger molecules. This stimulation can change and influence the body’s homeostatic mechanisms, promoting emotional and physical well-being.

Studies suggest that acupuncture points can affect areas of our brain that are known to inhibit or reduce sensitivity to stress and pain. The treatment can also increase blood flow depending on the needling method, which is known to improve the vertebral-basilar artery or lessen the effects of vertigo.

Lastly, an acupuncture treatment can reduce inflammation, thus increasing local microcirculation, which lessens the swelling in arteries that may cause vertigo.

What you need to know about an acupuncture treatment

Though studies have suggested positive results following acupuncture treatments, it is important to understand that results may vary from person to person, and success with acupuncture alone is difficult to achieve. In fact, many practitioners recommend combining acupuncture with herbal formulas depending on the patient’s condition and the cause of their vertigo.

Overall, acupuncture treatment that is administered by an experienced licensed practitioner, combined with herbal formulas, is key to addressing a patient’s vertigo without any chemical drug intervention.

That is why it is essential for anyone interested in acupuncture in Park Orchard or Mount Evelyn to choose a licensed and experienced acupuncturist like Belinda Tran to handle their treatment sessions. In fact, a qualified practitioner can provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan based on your individual condition.

A Natural Remedy for Vertigo