Acupuncture for Athletes

acupuncture for athlete

Acupuncture is now gaining popularity among athletes all over the world. In fact, many athletes are interested in trying acupuncture to experience its many benefits such as:

Here are some reasons why many athletes use acupuncture to optimise their recovery and performance:

Faster Recovery

Aside from reducing pain, acupuncture can also help reduce inflammation and promote better blood circulation. This is essential as athletes seek to improve their energy levels, and they often seek the best remedy that can reduce muscle soreness and fatigue after their practice session or game.

Acupuncture may also improve sleep quality, and this allows muscles to recover more thoroughly after exercise.

Pain Reduction

This is one of the most common reasons for seeking this alternative treatment. Acupuncture may reduce pain by releasing endorphins which are known as our natural painkillers, and it does this without using any medications.

Also, electroacupuncture may help stimulate the nervous system, boosting the production and release of bioactive molecules, including opioids like serotonin, glutamate receptors, norepinephrine, transporters, cytokines, and signal molecules. Opioids play a vital role in inhibiting all types of pain.

Injury Prevention

Practitioners can access the entire body, especially in areas where there is tightness and discomfort that athletes may not be aware of. These issues might be related to posture, chronic overuse, poor exercise form or muscle imbalances.

Acupuncture may help release those tight areas before any pain sets in, so the muscles remain loose, flexible and hydrated. Having flexibility is beneficial to athletes as it reduces the likelihood of injury.

Improve Range of Motion

Acupuncture treatments may temporarily release trigger points which can increase muscle mobility and range of motion. Often the treatment is followed by stretching and stimulation, which can enhance results. Many athletes also notice improvement in their metabolism, possibly due to the increased flow and better blood circulation throughout their bodies.

Improved Performance

Lastly, acupuncture is popular among athletes because it may increase their performance in various sporting events. This alternative therapy can be used as a recovery tool post-exercise. It may also be beneficial before starting any exercise since it can relax the body, as well as increasing power and muscle endurance.

Overall, acupuncture is a viable alternative treatment for athletes, but it is essential that you check the qualification and experience of a practitioner before choosing them for your treatment.

Acupuncture for Athletes