An Early Natural Treatment for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus


Hearing loss and tinnitus are experienced by over 48 million people worldwide, and many of these individuals encounter hissing or ringing sounds. The conventional treatment for hearing loss is wearing hearing aids, which helps to amplify sounds in the surrounding area.

Many of these devices come with built-in sound therapy programs to manage tinnitus and find relief from the excruciating sound. However, many people try natural remedies for tinnitus and hearing loss such as herbal remedies. They also alter their diet or quit smoking with the hopes that they can recover their hearing or alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus.

Acupuncture has been known in China since 200 BCE as an effective salvage therapy for people with hearing disabilities. In theory, acupuncturists believed that hearing loss is caused by the Yin-Yang imbalance of internal organs. This condition may be treated through acupuncture since it helps in bringing balance and regulating the functions of our internal organs.

How effective is acupuncture in treating hearing loss?

Acupuncture can relieve stress, increase energy levels, and reduce back pain, but can it be used to treat hearing loss? Recent research suggests that acupuncture can improve hearing and alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus. Over 63.5% of participants in that particular study had some improvements in their hearing health.

Also, acupuncture is a great treatment for tinnitus because it has very calming benefits. Tinnitus and stress are intricately linked, so reducing stress levels will positively impact a person who has tinnitus or hearing loss.

Trying acupuncture

When you decide to try acupuncture, you must seek treatment from a trained professional like Belinda Tran. In fact, acupuncture is safe and effective when done correctly by a seasoned and qualified practitioner.

An acupuncture treatment will require sterilised needles which must be inserted in the correct locations.

Overall, acupuncture is a natural and effective alternative treatment for hearing loss, as well as many other conditions, including vertigo, but you should visit your hearing health specialist before you try it. You’ll need to undergo a comprehensive hearing test to learn more about your condition. You may also ask for some recommendations from your specialist as they may know a qualified practitioner who can help you with your condition.

An Early Natural Treatment for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus