Acupuncture for Wound Healing

Based on several studies conducted in the US, experts believe that acupuncture may aid in wound healing. Of the many forms of alternative medicine, acupuncture is considered to be the most popular. In fact, it’s the most effective and safest natural alternative when used to expedite people’s recovery after major surgery.

A vast amount of research all over the world suggests that acupuncture is an effective and efficient treatment option that can help with pain and can even speed up the recovery of various types of wounds.

Countering pain

In a report published by Wound Source, Dr. Michel H.E. Hermans outlined the use of acupuncture to treat various types of animal wounds. Several clinical trials have been conducted by Dr. Hermans using lab rats, and results suggest that acupuncture had provided promising results in each case. In fact, rats who had undergone acupuncture have experienced less stress and even appeared to better handle wound-related pain.

A greater scope

What about acupuncture’s effectiveness in humans? Well, there are some interesting studies published by the journal Acupuncture Today that have highlighted the benefits of acupuncture on burn victims. According to their research, acupuncture was used to treat severe burns, and almost all of the patients experienced an excellent outcome.

Practitioners believe that addressing stress is an important part of treating wounds, and anyone who has undergone a wound care regimen knows that stress can hinder normal healing. That is why several medical practitioners recommend acupuncture, and some doctors are surprised by how quickly their patients have recovered when they have undergone several acupuncture treatments.

The basic premise of Chinese medicine is to treat the person, not the condition, so acupuncture is used to encourage all body systems to work as well as they can. In theory, when there is balance throughout our body, it creates the best possible environment for healing.

Things to consider before attempting an acupuncture treatment

If you wish to undergo acupuncture treatment, you should ensure that your acupuncturist has had experience treating wound patients before because this will give you peace of mind that you are working with the right practitioner.

Acupuncture for Wound Healing