Covid-19 and Its Effects on Mental Health

covid-19 mental health

Coronavirus or Covid-19 has affected our lives here in Victoria, and as we stay home and isolate ourselves with the hopes of slowing down the spread of the virus, we may feel lonely and anxious about what the future holds. In fact, due to the limited connection we are currently experiencing, it’s really a challenging situation for most of us.

During the lockdown, you may feel worried about your loved ones. With new responsibilities we have at home like homeschooling, working, and studying online, or being unemployed, you may be feeling anxious and distressed. All of these feelings are natural during these times.

Therefore, you need to perform a self assessment and determine if these feelings are interfering with your daily routine. If you think that you are always overwhelmed, then it’s essential to ask for help. Try connecting with your loved ones and close friends to talk about your problems and seek professional help if needed.

If they feel the same way as you, you’ll need to encourage them to seek assistance too. Seeking help or support from a trained professional will provide you the means to better manage your feelings. A counsellor or a mental health professional can offer you some advice and strategies that may apply to your situation.

What can you do when you’re feeling depressed, stressed or anxious?

If you are feeling stressed or a loved one is overwhelmed and finding life difficult; it’s essential to address this situation as quickly as possible before it turns into a more serious condition. Therefore, you need to contact a general practitioner or primary care provider in your area via telephone, text, or online counselling service. For more serious symptoms, you may be referred to a mental health specialist.

In Victoria, talking to your general practitioner is your first step to recovery, since they will assess your symptoms, and they may prepare a Mental Health Care Plan if they think you need extra support.

Alternative treatment for anxiety and stress

According to ancient Chinese medicine, an energy called Qi is known to regulate the health and wellness of our body. It moves through pathways called meridians, and if these are blocked or disturbed, it may trigger some negative symptoms like stress and other grievances.

Through acupuncture, these meridians are triggered by inserting sterile and fine needles. When these points are triggered, they will help and regulate those joy-making neurotransmitters in our brains, which can help decrease the effects of stress. Acupuncture can also lower blood pressure which can assist in the overall treatment of anxiety and other mental related issues.

Overall, acupuncture for anxiety is a trusted and safe treatment, but if you have a moderate to severe depression, it is recommended that you continue your treatment with your mental health professional before you seek the help of a licensed acupuncturist. You could also ask for their advice, especially if you’re planning to undergo acupuncture treatment.

Learn if you are eligible to book an appointment when restrictions ease in the coming weeks.

Covid-19 and Its Effects on Mental Health

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