About Me

Belinda Eisen Acupuncture in Mount Evelyn

I arrived early at the clinic. Not out of obligation, but because this time of morning allowed me the unhurried serenity to move from room to room, warming the treatment beds and towels, lighting candles and preparing tea, replenishing the water for the fresh flowers and queuing my favourite playlist ahead of my first patient’s arrival.

I caught sight of her treading gingerly up the front steps. If I could wish for just one thing, it would be that my patients would see me sooner, rather than later. I could almost predict the upcoming conversation, word for word.

“I’ve tried everything - nothing works.”

“I’m in so much pain”

“I can fix the problem for a while, but it always comes back.”

“Does acupuncture really work? For this?”

But my favourite part is always:

“You’re different to what I expected. You’re not…well, you know… a hippy.”

Hi, I’m Belinda Eisen, founder and director of Belinda Eisen Acupuncture. I help busy women in the prime of their life resolve menstrual health, fertility issues, pregnancy complaints, menopausal symptoms and prepare for labour. My safe, drug-free and highly effective cosmetic acupuncture is available to women who want to look and feel their very best too.

And no, I’m not a hippy.

In fact, I’m a fully qualified Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist with a Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Medicine. I’m an Accredited Member of the Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) and I’m registered with the Australian Health Provider Regulation Agency (AHPRA). This means you’ll receive the highest and safest levels of service with the best possible results.

Some might have you believing acupuncture treatments are a whole lot of woo-woo. I get it - it’s human nature to want answers to something that’s difficult to see or measure.  And it can be challenging to accept that a natural, drug-free alternative does work.

Acupuncture uses our body’s energy, Chi, to fight disease and get us back to feeling ourselves. Balanced. Centred. Healthy. In flow. How we felt before we had to stop playing our favourite sport; before we realised how uptight and irritable we felt at work after managing pain, discomfort or stress each day.

As for the woman who shuffled up my front steps? I struggled to get her back to her car– but not for reasons you’d expect. There she stood - and stayed – amazed with the range of movement she had compared with just one hour earlier.

Nothing beats seeing the joy on client’s faces after they’ve realised they can perform everyday activities without grimacing or groaning.

I love watching clients float out of treatments, amazed that something involving needles could leave them feeling on cloud nine.

I’ve experienced the joy of clients telling me they’re going to have a baby, after years of trying to conceive and hold a pregnancy.

Like the conversations that unfold with every new client I welcome to our clinic, these are the results I’ve come to expect. And there’s nothing woo-woo about that.  Just a whole lot of wow.



Belinda Tran gets her kicks from sticking tiny needles in people’s skin. But relax (she’ll tell you to do exactly that too) - you’re in great hands.

Belinda is a fully qualified Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist. She holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine), is an Accredited Member of the Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) and registered with the Australian Health Provider Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

With their retreat-like settings, both Belinda’s Park Orchards and Mount Evelyn acupuncture clinics are known for their great patient results; improved fertility outcomes, better period health, pregnancy and menopausal support, cosmetic acupuncture, support for general injuries and ailments and overall improved health.

Belinda embraces balance and wellbeing in her own life as much as possible. When not with clients in the tranquillity of Belinda Tran Acupuncture, she’s adventuring in the great outdoors with her young children; if not ready and rearing at a 6am boot camp session, you might find her relaxing at a 6pm dinner reservation at one of Melbourne’s must-visit restaurants.